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What's New In Nemetschek Allplan 2024? New Features And Benefits

Navigating the latest architectural software can often feel overwhelming, but Nemetschek Allplan 2024 is here to revolutionize your design-to-build process. Housing a host of automated tools and cutting-edge BIM workflows, this new version promises to deliver industry-leading efficiency.
We will guide you through its stellar features such as cloud-powered GIS Connector, enhanced façade module, and seamless clash detection that aim to streamline your architectural journey from concept to concrete.

Key Takeaways

  • Allplan 2024 has new tools that make designs faster and easier.
  • The software gives better ways to share work with your team.
  • There are cool upgrades for building, bridge, and road designs.
  • With new setup changes, the software uses less space on your computer.

Major New Features of Allplan 2024

The latest edition of Allplan, Allplan 2024, brings with it a host of major new features designed to streamline workflows and enhance the user experience. These include significant improvements to the user interface for ease of use and better workflow efficiency.
The updated Allplan Share allows for more seamless collaboration among team members working on the same project. The advanced objects palette provides increased flexibility in design, allowing architects and engineers to manipulate objects more intuitively than ever before.
There are also upgrades in attributes and analyses that provide additional detail for a comprehensive project understanding, along with an improved display and visualization options that bring your designs to life in high definition reality.
Allplan 2024 | More productive, collaborative and advanced workflows (Video)

User Interface Improvements

Allplan 2024 has a better user interface. It is easier to use and see. You can save your own view settings now and pass them on with no stress. They added custom styles too. This lets you make special types of drawings and show-offs.
The new 3D Dragger tool makes it easier to change models too. Your work gets done faster and looks better!

Enhanced Allplan Share

Allplan Share got a big boost in the new Allplan 2024. This tool helps teams work together better. You can use it to share data and geometry with your team in real time, no matter where they are.
The Project Sharing+ feature is now more stable than before. It also lets you handle data and shapes better.
For users on the go, Allplan Share has updates too! Now you have quick access to your designs from any place at any time. These fresh changes make sure that your workflow stays smooth and fast-paced without losing quality or leaving out important details.

Advanced Objects Palette

Allplan 2024 brings a new tool called the Advanced Objects Palette. It helps you save your own window settings. You can slide these settings between windows and project files with ease.
The tool lets you design custom styles for site maps, section views, and even 3D angles! This feature also links with Excel files from outside projects. Plus, the tool offers improved DWG file moves in and out of the platform.
No more time lost cleaning up files or dealing with duplicate data! With Advanced Objects Palette, your architecture designs get more exact choices and better data handling.

Upgraded Attributes and Analyses

Allplan 2024 brings upgrades in attributes and analyses. You can now create custom styles for different drawings. This tool is easy to use and offers more freedom. Making changes in your models is fast with the new 3D Dragger tool.
Connect to your project data easily with added Microsoft Excel tools. No more worries about duplicated data or long file cleanup, thanks to better DWG import/export features.

Improved Display and Visualization of Model

Allplan 2024 brings a big jump in how you see and shape your designs. Better picture of both building and bridge parts is now possible. The custom viewport settings move between viewports and project files with ease.
This helps to make site drawings, plan drawings, section showings, elevation presentations, and 3D views look their best. There is also a new 3D Dragger tool to change models more freely.
It has handles that let you move things around, turn them, or make them bigger or smaller based on the scenario at hand. Lastly, if you have project data in an Excel file outside of Allplan 2024, there's good news for you! You can now link this data to Microsoft Excel for better teamwork on projects using productive workflows across disciplines.

Enhanced Architectural Capabilities

The 2024 update of Allplan comes with significant enhancements in its architectural capabilities, including features such as advanced structural framing additions for creating complex structures easily, reinforcement upgrades for a more comprehensive understanding of elements, and an expanded array of precast applications and components.
In addition to this, the new construction and Allplan road additions offer improved tools for developing detailed road models. This upgrade facilitates architects by providing them reliable tools that enhance productivity while offering quality design outputs.
Allplan 2023 | Feature | Visualization (Video)

Structural Framing Additions

In Allplan 2024, new structural framing tools give you more power. You can design and build faster with these tools. These include beams, columns, and other parts of a building frame.
You can draw them in any shape or size right on your screen. It's easy to change the size or move them around as needed too. This means you save time and money when planning buildings.
Building designs become better with these new tools.

Reinforcement Upgrades

Allplan 2024 adds more power to its reinforcement tools. You will find added features that make work easier and faster. These changes aim to boost your architectural capabilities. The software now has better automated design tools for you to use.
This upgrade also gives you access to cloud-based processes and BIM workflows. Now, creating detailed plans is quicker and simpler with these fresh improvements!

Precast Applications & Components

Allplan 2024 has awesome tools for precast designers. It adds to how you manage fixtures. Now, making and using precast models is faster. You can thank the SDS2 steel connection engine for that!

Construction and Allplan Road Additions

Allplan 2024 boosts new tools for construction and road designs. It gives you a way to make perfect layouts for roads and buildings. You can plan every inch of your project with the help of Allplan Road.
This feature is great for civil engineers who work on big projects.
The software also helps in building robust structures. New tools are there to design, create, and fix parts of any construction project. You can use Allplan 2024 to handle everything from small fixes to large builds.

Innovations in Engineering Applications

The Allplan 2024 boasts significant advances in engineering applications, including the introduction of visual scripting additions and enhancements to Allplan Bridge. These upgrades provide engineers with more precision, control, and adaptability for their designs.
Dive deeper into these innovations by exploring further about what Allplan 2024 has to offer.
Allplan 2023 | Feature | Construction (Video)

Visual Scripting Additions

In Allplan 2024, visual scripting helps you work better and faster. It makes things easy in engineering tasks. With this new tool, you can group nodes in a visual way. You also have the power to turn off nodes when not needed.
This tool makes your work more efficient and gives you more control over it.

Allplan Bridge Enhancements

Allplan 2024 brings fresh updates to bridge design. It offers cool tools for automated design. These are part of the high-tech BIM workflows, made just for bridges! The SDS2 steel connection engine is now in Allplan.
This makes it easy to model standard steel links in bridge structures. There's an improved system for handling precast parts, too. Got a lot of these elements? Don't worry! Perfect control over them is yours with new fixture administration options.
Looking out for collisions in your project? Allplan has you covered there as well with its clash detection feature within the same software space!

Conclusion: The Benefits of Upgrading to Allplan 2024

Allplan 2024 lets you work faster and more easily. The new tools make your designs stand out. It is easy to use, and it makes teamwork smoother. Upgrading to Allplan 2024 will make your projects better and save you time.


1. What is new in Nemetschek Allplan 2024?

Nemetschek Allplan 2024 offers many new features like the enhanced façade module, content connector, robust SDS2 steel connection engine and fixture administration.

2. Can I buy Nemetschek Allplan at a discount price?

Yes, the price of Nemetschek Allplan changes from time to time. We offer the best price on the web.

3. How can architects use Nemetschek Allplan 2024 for building design?

Architects use this software for productive workflows in areas like site planning and architectural work. They also get technical support for civil engineering projects with tools such as BIM Road Models.

4. Does Nemetschek Allplan help with construction planning?

It does! With features like clash detection and excavation items, contractors have tools that aid their construction plans right at hand.