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Altair HyperWorks Suite contains:
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Altair AcuSolve
Altair HWDesktop
Altair HWDesktop Help
Altair FEKO
Altair HWSolvers
Altair HWSolvers Help
Altair SimLab
solidThinking Design (Evolve + Inspire)
Altair Virtual Wind Tunnel
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Altair HyperWorks: Empowering Engineers with Comprehensive CAE Software for Simulation-Driven Design

Introduction: Overcoming Engineering Challenges in the Modern Landscape

In today's competitive engineering landscape, businesses face numerous challenges when developing innovative products. Engineers must balance performance, efficiency, and cost while ensuring product strength, reliability, and compliance with industry standards. To overcome these challenges, engineers require powerful and comprehensive Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) software that streamlines the design process and enables informed decision-making.

Altair HyperWorks emerges as a leading engineering simulation software platform, offering a suite of integrated tools for modeling, simulation, and optimization across various engineering disciplines. By leveraging HyperWorks, engineers can:

  • Simplify complex engineering problems
  • Reduce physical prototyping costs
  • Accelerate time-to-market

Streamlining Pre-processing with Altair HyperMesh

Accurate and efficient Finite Element Analysis (FEA) relies on well-constructed simulation models. However, creating these models can be time-consuming and error-prone, especially when dealing with complex geometries. Altair HyperWorks addresses this challenge with Altair HyperMesh, a high-performance finite element pre-processor that excels in geometry cleanup and mesh generation.

Key features of HyperMesh include:

  • Intuitive user interface and advanced automation capabilities
  • Efficient cleanup and preparation of CAD geometries
  • Creation of high-quality meshes
  • Assignment of material properties and boundary conditions
  • Mid-surface extraction, shell meshing, and tetra-meshing

By automating repetitive tasks and providing tools for mesh quality improvement, HyperMesh ensures that engineers can focus on analysis and design optimization rather than spending excessive time on model preparation.

Structural Analysis with Altair OptiStruct

Structural analysis is crucial for evaluating the strength, stiffness, and durability of products under various loading conditions. Altair OptiStruct, a flagship solver within the HyperWorks suite, enables engineers to perform:

  • Linear and non-linear structural simulations
  • Static, dynamic, and buckling analysis
  • Accurate prediction of stress distributions, deformations, and failure modes

OptiStruct helps engineers design lightweight and robust structures that meet performance requirements. In the automotive industry, OptiStruct is widely used for lightweight design optimization of car parts, such as chassis components, suspension systems, and body panels. By leveraging OptiStruct's topology optimization capabilities, engineers can identify the optimal material distribution, minimizing weight while maintaining structural integrity.

CFD Simulation with Altair AcuSolve

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) plays a vital role in analyzing and optimizing fluid flow behavior in products such as vehicles, aircraft, and industrial equipment. Altair AcuSolve, a general-purpose CFD solver, allows engineers to simulate complex fluid flow phenomena, including:

  • Turbulence
  • Heat transfer
  • Multiphase flows

By leveraging AcuSolve's advanced numerical methods and high-performance computing capabilities, engineers can gain valuable insights into fluid dynamics and make informed design decisions to improve product efficiency and performance.

In the aerospace industry, AcuSolve is extensively used for aerodynamic simulation of aircraft wings, fuselages, and engine components. By accurately predicting lift, drag, and pressure distributions, engineers can optimize aircraft designs for improved fuel efficiency, reduced noise, and enhanced stability.

Thermal Analysis with Altair HyperWorks

Effective thermal management is essential for ensuring the reliability and performance of electronic devices, mechanical systems, and other heat-generating components. Altair HyperWorks provides powerful thermal analysis tools that enable engineers to:

  • Predict heat transfer, temperature distributions, and thermal stresses
  • Optimize cooling strategies
  • Select appropriate materials
  • Prevent thermal-related failures

In the electronics industry, thermal analysis is critical for designing reliable and efficient printed circuit boards (PCBs), heatsinks, and cooling systems. By leveraging HyperWorks' thermal analysis capabilities, engineers can identify hot spots, optimize component placement, and ensure proper heat dissipation.

Electromagnetics Simulation with Altair FEKO

Electromagnetics simulation is critical for designing and optimizing electronic devices, antennas, and other electromagnetic systems. Altair FEKO, a comprehensive computational electromagnetics (CEM) solver, allows engineers to:

  • Analyze electromagnetic behavior across a wide frequency range
  • Simulate complex electromagnetic phenomena
  • Optimize antenna performance
  • Ensure electromagnetic compatibility

In the telecommunications industry, FEKO is widely used for designing and optimizing antennas for wireless communication systems, such as smartphones, base stations, and satellite dishes. By accurately simulating antenna radiation patterns, gain, and efficiency, engineers can optimize antenna designs for improved signal quality, coverage, and energy efficiency.

Virtual Prototyping and Design Optimization

Altair HyperWorks enables virtual prototyping and design optimization, allowing engineers to:

  • Create virtual prototypes and conduct virtual testing
  • Reduce the need for physical prototypes and costly physical testing
  • Explore multiple design alternatives and optimize products before committing to physical manufacturing

According to a case study by Altair, a leading automotive manufacturer reduced physical testing costs by 50% and accelerated time-to-market by 30% by leveraging virtual prototyping with HyperWorks.

HyperWorks also integrates artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning capabilities to enhance design exploration and optimization. Tools like Altair HyperStudy enable engineers to perform intelligent design of experiments (DOE), sensitivity analyses, and multi-disciplinary optimization.

Multidisciplinary Simulation and Cloud-Based CAE

Altair HyperWorks excels in multidisciplinary simulation, allowing engineers to analyze coupled physics problems that involve the interaction of multiple physical phenomena. With its integrated solvers and seamless data exchange between different physics domains, HyperWorks enables engineers to study complex systems where structural, thermal, fluid, and electromagnetic behaviors are interconnected.

HyperWorks also offers a cloud-based solution, HyperWorks on Demand, which provides scalable and accessible CAE capabilities. With HyperWorks on Demand, engineers can access the full suite of HyperWorks tools and high-performance computing resources through a web browser, eliminating the need for local hardware and software installations.

Comparison with Other CAE Software

While Altair HyperWorks offers a comprehensive suite of tools for simulation-driven design, it is important to consider other CAE software options in the market. Some notable alternatives include:

  • ANSYS: Known for its robust multiphysics simulation capabilities
  • Abaqus: Widely used for advanced nonlinear and dynamic analysis
  • Siemens NX: Offers an integrated CAD/CAE platform for seamless design and simulation

Each software has its strengths and weaknesses, and the choice ultimately depends on the specific requirements of the engineering project and the expertise of the team. However, Altair HyperWorks stands out for its comprehensive toolset, advanced optimization capabilities, and cloud-based accessibility.

Real-World Impact: Case Studies

To demonstrate the real-world impact of Altair HyperWorks, let's consider a few case studies:

  1. Aerospace: A leading aircraft manufacturer used HyperWorks to optimize the design of a new wing structure, resulting in a 15% reduction in weight and a 20% improvement in fuel efficiency.
  2. Automotive: A global automotive supplier leveraged HyperWorks to simulate and optimize the crash performance of a new vehicle platform, reducing development time by 30% and achieving a 5-star safety rating.
  3. Electronics: A consumer electronics company utilized HyperWorks to analyze and optimize the thermal management of a new smartphone design, ensuring reliable performance and preventing overheating issues.

These case studies showcase how Altair HyperWorks enables businesses to tackle complex engineering challenges, optimize product performance, and achieve tangible results in terms of cost savings, time-to-market, and product quality.

Conclusion: Empowering Engineers with Altair HyperWorks

Altair HyperWorks is a comprehensive and powerful CAE software platform that empowers engineers to drive innovation across industries. With its integrated tools for pre-processing, structural analysis, CFD simulation, thermal analysis, electromagnetics simulation, virtual prototyping, design optimization, multidisciplinary simulation, and cloud-based CAE, HyperWorks provides a complete solution for simulation-driven product development.

While the initial cost of Altair HyperWorks may be a consideration, the long-term benefits in terms of cost savings, increased profitability, and innovation potential make it a worthwhile investment for businesses committed to simulation-driven design.

By empowering engineers with the right tools and capabilities, Altair HyperWorks enables organizations to push the boundaries of what is possible and deliver high-quality, innovative products to market faster. Whether you are an automotive engineer optimizing vehicle performance, an aerospace engineer designing fuel-efficient aircraft, or an electronics engineer ensuring thermal reliability, Altair HyperWorks has the tools and capabilities to help you succeed in today's competitive engineering landscape.