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PTC Creo

for 64bit systems



PTC Mathcad Prime 7.0

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Creo is a design software family, which is developed by PTC software (Parametric Technology Corporation) and is known as PTC Creo. It is a CAD (Computer-aided Design) designing software and provides apps for that purpose. Creo software only supports running on Microsoft Windows Operating System. It renders the functionality of 3D CAD parametric feature 3D direct modeling, viewing & visualization, 2D orthographic views, Finite element analysis and simulation, schematic design, solid modeling, technical illustrations. It mainly designs the products for discrete manufacturers. The apps developed in the PTC Creo software have different capabilities and are designed to serve a distinct role in product development.


The Capabilities -

  • Modeling and designing -

With this 3D design software, the user can easily optimize his product. 3D product design is nothing but the creation of a design in virtual space where the product has three dimensions. The digital prototype of the product created in this process can later be studied in detail. There are two types of 3D design and solid modeling: direct and parametric modeling. Direct modeling allows the user to take control of the change in the desired parts. One can easily push & pull out of the geometry and make quick changes to it. Parametric modeling does the same thing but it maintains consistency. That means, if the user makes changes to a part, other parts associated with it will change accordingly in order to balance the proportionality consistency.

  • Capabilities-

- It does the parts and assembly modeling by creating a more precise and simplified geometry out of a complex one.

- It enables the stakeholder to view the designer’s cad model at measure superimposed on the real physical world.

- It allows the 2D drawings to be created & be updated automatically with just some clicks.

- It manages the assembly beautifully and has high-performance tools. One just has to upload his assemblies to start working instantly.

- It enables direct modeling

- It provides a comprehensive environment for sheet metal design working.

- It studies the kinematic behaviour of a model and looks for any kind of interference issues or any other motion issue range

- Another special capability is there which solely concerns with the design of plastic parts

- It enables reuse and automation of the designs

- It has an area which concerns with structural framework making it easier, faster & cheaper to design framework. It also helps in better weld design.

- It renders and animates to create realistic images

- It improves the surface quality by parametric and freestyle surfacing.

- The human factor tester tests the comfort levels of different products with the people

- It stimulates tests and explores different alternative possibilities for design optimization.