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COMSOL Multiphysics 6.0 for sale is a finite element analysis, solver and Simulation software / FEA Software package for various physics and engineering applications, especially coupled phenomena, or multiphysics. COMSOL Multiphysics also offers an extensive interface to MATLAB and its toolboxes for a large variety of programming, preprocessing and postprocessing possibilities.

Product Features

Geometry Modeling

Primitive solid objects, including block, cone, cylinder, sphere, ellipsoid, torus
Parametric helix
Parametric curves and surfaces
Interpolation curves
Extrude, revolve, sweep
Boolean operations union, intersection, difference, and partition
Hybrid modeling with solids, surfaces, curves, and points
Work Plane with 2D geometry modeling
CAD import and interoperability with add-on CAD Import Module and LiveLink products for CAD
CAD repair and defeaturing with add-on CAD Import Module and LiveLink products for CAD

Free tetrahedral meshing

Swept mesh with prism and hex elements
Boundary layer meshing
Free triangular meshing of 3D surfaces and 2D models
Mapped and free quad meshing of 3D surfaces and 2D models
Copy mesh operation
Virtual geometry operations
Mesh partitioning of domains, boundaries, and edges.
Finite Elements

Nodal-based isoparametric Lagrange elements of order 1,2,3, and higher

Curl elements (also known as vector elements, or edge elements), of order 1,2,3 (requires add-on modules), adapts to curved surfaces and edges
Specialized elements such as Hermite and Argyris
Stabilization schemes for convection dominated models: crosswind, streamline, and isotropic diffusion
Equation-Based Modeling

Several different templates for general second-order systems of nonlinear partial differential equations (PDEs)
Partial differential equations on the weak form
Algebraic equations
Ordinary differential equations (ODEs)
Differential algebraic equations (DAEs)
Sensitivity analysis (Optimization available with add-on Optimization Module)
Curvilinear coordinate computation

Direct sparse solvers: MUMPS, PARDISO, SPOOLES
Iterative sparse solvers: GMRES, FGMRES, BiCGStab, conjugate gradients, preconditioner-based
Preconditioners: SOR, Jacobi, Vanka, SCGS, SOR Line/Gauge/Vector, geometric multigrid (GMG), algebraic multigrid (AMG), Auxiliary Maxwell Space(AMS), Incomplete LU, Krylov
Nonlinear solvers: Gauss-Newton, double dog-leg, fully-coupled, segregated
Time-dependent solvers: variable-order BDF, generalized-alpha
Adaptive meshing with L2 norm and user-defined functional norm
Moving mesh with arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian (ALE) method
Automatic remeshing for moving mesh

Isotropic and anisotropic materials
Discontinuous materials
Spatially varying materials
Time-varying materials
Nonlinear material properties as a function of any physical quantity
Physics-Based Modeling

Electric currents
Heat transfer in solids and fluids
Joule heating
Laminar flow
Pressure acoustics
Solid mechanics
Transport of diluted species
Additional physics interfaces are available in add-on modules

Surface plots
Isosurface plots
Arrow plots
Slice plots
Streamline plots
Contour plots
Integration, average, max, and min of arbitrary quantities over volumes, surfaces, edges, and points
Custom mathematical expressions including field variables, their derivatives, spatial coordinates, time, and complex-valued quantities

Import and export of text, Excel, image, movies, meshing, and CAD formats in COMSOL Multiphysics 6.0 and add-on products are listed below.
Other Discretization Schemes

Discontinuous Galerkin method
Finite volume method, boundary elements method, and particle tracing method are available in add-on products