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CFturbo is a powerful, user-friendly software for the interactive design of turbomachinery components. It allows the design of new models from scratch as well as the modification of existing imported designs.

What is CFturbo 2021?

CFturbo is an interactive and user-friendly turbomachinery design software. With CFturbo, you can create completely new geometries as well as modify existing designs. Reverse engineering is supported.

CFturbo guides the user step-by-step through the complete design process of a turbomachine. A first draft can be generated automatically, and in the subsequent design process the user has control over every detail.

Who uses CFturbo?

The software is used by engineers who design turbomachinery or integrate it into more complex machines or systems. Users come from different areas like mechanical engineering, the automotive industry, chemical industry, aerospace engineering, and heating / ventilation / air conditioning and others.

Users have control over every detail of the design. CFturbo 2021 also supports less experienced users through a gradual approach to the design process and automatic first drafts. The software is user-friendly for both experienced users and newcomers.

From design point definition to 3D CAD in a few minutes!


Turbomachinery design is complex, but our software makes it easy. Through its unrivaled, intuitive, and user-friendly design process, CFturbo 2021 software empowers every user.


CFturbo can be seamlessly integrated in any product development environment, connecting 3D CAD, CFD, FEA, and optimization software.


To export CFturbo models, direct interfaces to all major simulation codes are available, allowing the user to customize development tools.