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Welcome to the world of Ansys Products Software, where engineering design and simulation go hand-in-hand to bring your visions to life. In this comprehensive package, you'll find a suite of cutting-edge tools designed for everything from 3D modeling and multiphysics analysis to computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and finite element analysis (FEA).

Join us as we dive into each aspect of this remarkable software collection, uncovering its capabilities and features that help engineers like you tackle complex challenges with ease.

Key Takeaways

  • Ansys Products Software Package includes various simulation software, such as CFD, FEA, and multiphysics, including popular tools like Fluent and SpaceClaim.
  • Ansys Discovery is a cutting-edge solution for rapid development and analysis of product concepts in real-time 3D simulations. It reduces design iterations and accelerates time-to-market by providing an intuitive interface for physics-based analysis.
  • The Ansys explicit dynamics suite captures the physics behind short-duration events that undergo highly nonlinear, transient dynamic behaviors. LS-DYNA simulates materials' behavior under short periods of severe impact with great accuracy. They are ideal tools for evaluating design concepts before physical testing in industries such as automotive and aerospace.
  • Ansys Products Software provides accurate modeling solutions with comprehensive multiphysics capabilities to optimize engineering designs across various industries ranging from drug delivery to defense research without sacrificing efficiency or accuracy levels.

Overview Of Ansys Products Software Package

The Ansys Products Software Package includes various simulation software, such as CFD, FEA, and multiphysics, including popular tools like Fluent and SpaceClaim.


The Ansys Discovery software package is a cutting-edge solution for engineers and designers seeking to rapidly develop and analyze product concepts in real-time 3D simulations.

This innovative tool streamlines the product development process by providing an intuitive interface for physics-based analysis, reducing design iterations, and ultimately accelerating time-to-market.

Ansys Discovery offers three key capabilities that propel it ahead of competitors: expanded engineering use cases, workbench connectivity, and a connected geometry workflow.

These features enable users to quickly refine their designs based on accurate simulation results while maintaining streamlined collaboration with team members through online sharing platforms.


SpaceClaim, a key component of the Ansys Products Software package, is a versatile 3D modeling software that caters to various industries, such as design, simulation, manufacturing, 3D printing, and sheet metal.

The user-friendly interface and innovative modeling technology offered by Ansys SpaceClaim enable designers to create intricate designs quickly while also providing them with tools needed for design modification and rapid prototyping.

Users can expect efficient geometry repair capabilities combined with seamless integration into other Ansys software products like Fluent or Mechanical.

Ansys Sherlock

Ansys Sherlock is a cutting-edge component of the Ansys Products software package, specifically designed for electronics design and reliability analysis.

This automated analysis software utilizes physics of failure-based methods to generate accurate life predictions for electronic components, ensuring optimal performance and longevity in a wide range of applications.

As an essential part of the comprehensive Ansys suite – which includes CAD, meshing, post-processing capabilities, among others - Ansys Sherlock seamlessly integrates into your personal project platform within the Ansys Workbench environment.

This powerful combination allows users to streamline their workflows by managing all aspects of their simulation projects from one central location.

Explicit Dynamics

Ansys explicit dynamics suite is one of the most exciting features of the Ansys Products Software Package. It captures the physics behind short-duration events that undergo highly nonlinear, transient dynamic behaviors.

A good example would be simulating an airbag deployment in a car crash or the response of a building after an earthquake's sudden jolt.

With this feature included in Ansys Mechanical, engineers can run advanced simulations on complex structures during catastrophic scenarios that traditional Finite Element Analysis (FEA) techniques cannot handle.


Ansys Autodyn is a crucial simulation program that forms part of the Ansys Products software bundle. This tool provides engineers with the means to solve severe loading problems across various industries, thanks to its nonlinear dynamics capabilities.

Overall, companies using the Ansys Products package benefit from physics-based software bundles that offer comprehensive multiphysics capabilities and scalable product modeling solutions.


Ansys LS-DYNA is a crucial part of the Ansys Products Software package, which is widely used for explicit simulation applications such as crash and drop tests, impact analysis, and material response.

With its advanced solver technology, LS-DYNA can simulate materials' behavior under short periods of severe impact with great accuracy.

What's more appealing is the free student version that offers access to the explicit simulation software capable of simulating material behavior during high-speed deformation similar to what happens during car crashes.

Fluid Dynamics

One of the key components of Ansys Products Software Package is its computational fluid dynamics (CFD) capabilities. With software programs like Ansys Fluent, CFX and Polyflow, users can model fluid flow, heat and mass transfer, chemical reactions and turbomachinery simulations with unmatched accuracy.

These industry-leading solutions provide the perfect tools for analyzing physical phenomena such as airflow in turbines or fuel combustion in engines. Additionally, Ansys Workbench allows seamless communication between different physics-based software bundles to ensure data remains connected throughout every step of the simulation process.

This makes Ansys Products a go-to choice for anyone looking for reliable analysis capabilities when modeling complex systems that involve fluid dynamics.

In particular, Ansys CFX is known for delivering fast and accurate turbomachinery simulations while also providing versatile ways to incorporate multiphase flows and other advanced features into your models.

Furthermore, by utilizing these products’ thermal analysis capabilities, engineers can create detailed 3D models of heat transfer within mechanical devices or study mass transport processes like diffusion which are fundamental in various industrial applications ranging from drug delivery to food processing plants.

CFX (includes CFD-Post)

Ansys CFX (includes CFD-Post) is a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software that specializes in fast and accurate turbomachinery simulations. It enables engineers to perform detailed fluid simulations, including heat transfer, combustion, multiphase flows, and more.

One of the essential features of Ansys CFX is its ability to integrate with other Ansys products through the Workbench simulation integration platform.


Ansys Chemkin is a chemical kinetics simulation software included in the Ansys Products package. It is used by engineers and scientists to model complex reacting flows and simulate chemical reactions accurately.

Chemkin also provides access to powerful tools for reaction modeling and analysis that enable users to explore different scenarios easily.

For example, it allows researchers to test different fuel blends or engine parameters without the need for extensive experimentation.


Energico is one of the many physics simulation software included in the Ansys Products Software Package. It is designed for efficient and accurate chemistry simulation, allowing users to create detailed reaction models for combustion, atmospheric chemistry, and other chemical processes.

An added benefit of Energico and other Ansys software bundles is their collaboration tools. With Ansys 2023 R1, online design sharing is now possible within the Workbench environment, allowing multiple team members to work seamlessly together on complex projects.

Workflow integration also streamlines the modeling process between various physics-based software programs included in the package.

Reaction Workbench

One of the software solutions included in Ansys Products Software Package is Reaction Workbench. This physics-based software allows engineers to perform detailed analyses of reactions and their effects on various materials.

It also enables users to study chemical kinetics, thermodynamic parameters, and energy balances.

This powerful simulation tool has numerous applications in industries such as aerospace, automotive, chemical processing, and more. For example, it can be used to simulate combustion processes in engines or analyze reaction pathways for new drug development.


EnSight is an integral part of the Ansys Products Software Package. It is a simulation data visualization software designed to help engineers analyze and explain complex systems and processes in clear, concise terms.

With EnSight's advanced physics modeling capabilities and unmatched accuracy, engineers can perform fluid simulation analyses with ease. The software allows for integration with other Ansys products through the company's workflow integration system known as Ansys Workbench.


ANYSYS FENSAP-ICE is a powerful software that is designed to simulate in-flight icing and ice accretion for defense applications, as well as aeronautical engineering. It uses the Finite Element Navier-Stokes Analysis Package for Inflight Icing, which enables users to predict and analyze ice cracking and shedding, as well as Ice Protection System Analysis.

With its compatibility with widely-used CAD-based mesh generators, ANSYS FENSAP-ICE provides reliable simulation analyses of in-flight icing and ice accretion. It's an essential tool that ensures better aircraft performance while ensuring passenger safety during flights.

Fluent (includes CFD-Post)

Ansys Fluent is a powerful computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software that allows users to conduct fluid flow modeling, heat transfer, and chemical reaction simulations.

The package includes CFD-Post, which simplifies post-processing tasks by offering an integrated solution for managing simulation results.

Fluent also offers meshing capabilities that help transform CAD geometry into an appropriate representation of the physical model while providing optimal mesh quality for more accurate simulations.

In conclusion, engineers using Fluent can benefit from its intuitive interface while employing advanced features such as boundary layer resolution options or turbulence models.

Forte (includes EnSight)

Ansys Forte, which is part of the Ansys Products software bundle, is a powerful computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software tool used to model internal combustion engines and compressors.

It enables engineers to simulate the entire engine cycle - from intake to exhaust - taking into account factors such as fuel injection, combustion chemistry, and emissions.

Another valuable component of the Ansys Products package is EnSight, a simulation data visualization software that consolidates data from multiple engineering simulations.

With EnSight, engineers can easily examine complex data sets and gain insights into how products behave in real-world conditions. They can create sophisticated animations or images that illustrate their results clearly and concisely for stakeholders who may not be familiar with technical details.

Polyflow (includes CFD-Post)

Ansys Polyflow is a powerful finite element CFD software tool that allows engineers to investigate the behavior of new plastics and elastomers in the manufacturing process.

With Polyflow, users can model complex rheological behaviors, such as viscoelasticity and non-Newtonian flow, to design optimal processes for materials shaping and processing.

Polyflow supports a wide range of applications, including blow molding, thermoforming, extrusion, injection molding and many more. Using this tool enables designers to identify potential issues early on in the development process before committing resources to physical prototyping or production runs.


Ansys TurboGrid is a critical component of the Ansys Products Software Package, designed specifically for turbomachinery meshing. With advanced automation capabilities, it makes it easy to create high-quality meshes for complex geometries in less time.

This software also provides an integration platform through Ansys Workbench that allows seamless data communication and enhanced collaboration among team members. The physics-based software features enable engineers to perform fluid simulations with accuracy across numerous applications such as gas turbine engines, compressors, pumps, and more.


ICEM CFD is an essential part of the ANSYS Products Software Package designed to offer advanced mesh generation, diagnostic, and repair functions.

This software package provides high-end computing solutions for engineering analysis and computational fluid dynamics (CFD). The proprietary ICEM CFD offers users flexibility in geometry creation along with excellent simulation capabilities of fluid mechanics applications.

Additionally, ANSYS ICEM CFD Tutorial Manual is a comprehensive resource that contains trade secrets and clear instructions on how to use the software efficiently.

With its sophisticated features like mesh diagnostics, ice sheet modeling and more, ICEM CFD has become a go-to choice for many professionals seeking quality engineering designs today.

In conclusion, if you’re looking to simulate computer models of structures or machine components accurately through finite element analysis or exploring complex fluid dynamics simulations via geometric data sets then look no further than Ansys Products Software Package’s suite which includes ICEM CFD as one of its robust tools.


Ansys Motion is a multibody dynamics analysis software that specializes in analyzing rigid body systems. It offers users the ability to simulate and analyze complex mechanisms with ease.

One of the standout features of Ansys Motion is its parametric approach, which allows for easy optimization and customization of design parameters.

Ansys Motion's powerful capabilities make it an essential tool for any engineer who needs to perform dynamic simulations on mechanical systems. Its scalability means that it can be used to address a wide range of applications, from small-scale testing to large industrial-level projects requiring high-fidelity results.


The ANSYS Suite of Products includes a range of simulation software tools for offshore engineering applications. ANSYS CFD, in particular, provides advanced capabilities for computational fluid dynamics and hydrodynamics simulations.

This tool is ideal for analyzing the behavior of fluids around offshore structures such as oil rigs or wind turbines. Additionally, Rand SIM offers ANSYS Aqwa specifically designed for hydrodynamic assessment of marine structures like vessels, floating platforms and subsea pipelines.

Overall, ANSYS products are widely used in structural analysis and mechanical simulation across industries including offshore engineering.


Ansys Aqwa is a powerful software package designed for hydrodynamic analysis, and it offers a range of capabilities related to water dynamics. With its computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation technology, Ansys Aqwa provides users with the ability to conduct wave analysis and offshore engineering simulations that are critical in marine technology applications.

As part of the larger Ansys Products Software Package, Aqwa comprises two packages: Ansys Aqwa Diffraction and Ansys Aqwa Suite.

Many engineers use the complete suite of Ansys software modules along with Aqwa to solve complex problems related to hydrodynamics analysis. The general use of features within the software is covered extensively through practical exercises provided in their training courses.


Ansys Products Software includes a range of optical simulation and design software for designing and optimizing optical systems. Ansys Speos is one such software that offers powerful optimization, visualization, and validation tools to ensure high-quality results for any optical system.

With this software, users can model light propagation in complex environments with ease and analyze the system's performance under various conditions like thermal or electrical interactions.

The latest release of Ansys 2023 R1 also brings new collaboration capabilities with online design sharing, making it easier for teams working remotely to streamline their workflow processes and get work done faster.


Ansys Speos is an optical system design software included in the Ansys Products Software package. It offers a comprehensive set of tools that allow engineers to design, optimize, visualize and validate any optical system.

One significant benefit of using Speos is its ability to integrate with other physics-based software bundles under Ansys Workbench. This enables seamless communication of data across simulation models, which helps engineers identify potential issues early on in the development process.

Mechanical Products

Ansys Mechanical is a powerful finite element analysis (FEA) software solution that provides structural mechanics, nonlinear analysis, dynamics and explicit dynamics, and thermal analysis.

This suite of products allows engineers to simulate and analyze complex mechanical structures with ease.

One example of how this product has been used is in the aerospace industry where engineers simulated airflow over an aircraft wing using Ansys Fluent to optimize aerodynamics.

Another application is in the automotive industry where engineers used Ansys Mechanical for crashworthiness simulations to improve the safety of their vehicles.

Ansys Mechanical - Features And Benefits

Ansys Mechanical offers a wide range of features, including finite element analysis, structural mechanics, nonlinear analysis, dynamics and explicit dynamics, and thermal analysis.

Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is a powerful computational analysis tool used to simulate the behavior of physical bodies under different load conditions and boundary constraints.

Ansys Mechanical software offers an accurate and efficient way to perform FEA simulations. By using Ansys Mechanical's pre-processing tools, users can create a detailed model of their product or structure, specifying all necessary parameters such as material properties and environmental conditions.

The solver then performs the simulation based on these parameters, giving engineers insights into critical failure modes that allow them to take corrective action before manufacturing begins.

Structural Mechanics

Ansys Mechanical offers structural mechanics analysis that deals with the behavior of structures under load, such as tension, compression, and bending. Finite element analysis (FEA) is used to simulate these behaviors and predict how a structure will react to different forces.

The software also features implicit and explicit analysis options that let you analyze your product’s performance in real-life scenarios. This feature can be useful when designing products for applications like automobiles or aircraft where there are high loads and stresses at play.

Nonlinear Analysis

Ansys Mechanical, which is part of the Ansys Products software package available for buying, offers powerful simulation and analysis capabilities, including nonlinear analysis. Nonlinear analysis allows engineers to solve complex structural engineering problems that were previously impossible with linear methods.

This type of analysis takes into account real-world material behavior under different loading conditions to accurately predict how a design will perform in the field.

Ansys Mechanical can make use of both direct and PCG solvers for solving the stiffness matrix equation during nonlinear analyses.

With Ansys Mechanical's nonlinear capabilities, engineers can simulate a wide range of engineering problems such as seismic design, impact testing, fatigue life prediction, buckling prediction, and more.

The software also provides advanced features for large deformation simulations caused by geometric changes or applied loads.

Dynamics And Explicit Dynamics

Ansys Mechanical software includes features like nonlinear dynamics and explicit dynamics that allow for physics-based simulations of short-duration events. Explicit Dynamics is particularly suited for highly transient and nonlinear dynamic products as it captures the physics behind them in real-time.

Moreover, Ansys Explicit Dynamics offers training programs to develop skills necessary to implement complete solution procedures efficiently. This helpful resource gives users the knowledge they need to improve their designs' durability when it comes to highly violent loading scenarios.

Thermal Analysis

Thermal analysis is a critical step in the product design process that involves simulating how different temperature scenarios affect a product's behavior.

With Ansys Mechanical, engineers can accurately model and analyze the thermal performance of their products under real-world conditions. This finite element solver offers comprehensive capabilities for structural, thermal, acoustics, transient, and nonlinear analysis to ensure modeling accuracy and efficiency.

For instance, if you're designing an electric motor for an automobile manufacturer, you need to understand how it will perform at high temperatures over extended periods.

How much does Ansys software cost?

In conclusion, Ansys Products Software provides a comprehensive suite of simulation software for its price for engineers and designers across various industries. From finite element analysis to computational fluid dynamics and electronics design automation, Ansys offers advanced physics-based software with seamless integration capabilities through the Ansys Workbench platform.

With its scalability and accuracy, Ansys is widely used by professionals worldwide for mechanical analysis, fluent fluid simulation, spaceclaim, and more.

We highly recommend buy the Ansys Products to optimize your engineering designs and simulations using this great software.