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Adobe Prelude 2022 is a tool for intuitively and efficiently preparing and tagging videos, organizing media content, and adding metadata. With this tool, you can add tags and transcode videos, and easily create video previews. The application offers efficient control over the file preparation process by instantly generating logs based on markers and other temporary metadata, which is searchable during final processing.

With Adobe Prelude 2022, you can design and edit video content much faster and in an even more organized way. Video insertion and logging tools are designed to efficiently work with multimedia and enter metadata. Videos can be easily transferred into Adobe Premiere Pro, which provides excellent communication and organization of the entire video production process.

Benefits of Adobe Prelude:

  • Thoughtful technological process
    Create nested clips and presets, structure them based on metadata, and then send compositions to Premiere Pro for quick editing.
  • Commenting
    Add notes to your media for the editor, editor, or director. These notes can be viewed during editing in Premiere Pro.
  • Effective organization
    The Prelude Media Organizer keeps your Premiere Pro project organized from the start.
  • Part of Creative Cloud
    Seamlessly integrates your workflow with other Adobe applications, as well as services such as Shares and Cloud File Storage.