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Adobe InCopy 2022 is a professional content creation and editing program that is closely associated with Adobe InDesign to improve communication between design teams and editors. Adobe InCopy is ideal for large projects where a lot of people work on text and graphic design.

Adobe InCopy allows authors and word processors to apply styles, track revisions, and make layout changes to a document independently of the designers who work with the same document in Adobe InDesign. When working together on projects, additions made by different users do not replace each other.

Benefits of Adobe InCopy 2022:

  • Professional word processing
    Compose texts with spell checking, change tracking, and custom text substitutions.
  • Effective fit
    Always keep the data on the number of lines, words and characters in front of your eyes.
  • Reliable design options
    Fine-tuning glyphs and text using OpenType technology.
  • Dynamic viewing modes
    Allow editors to visually inspect design elements.