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Adobe Character Animator is a character animation application that lets you create expressive characters from your own graphic objects. With Adobe Character Animator, you can animate characters in real time using your own gestures and facial expressions. It's so fast that you can stream directly while creating your animation and wow your audience every step of the way.

Adobe Character Animator lets you import and animate graphics from Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. This can be done by first capturing the action with a camera, microphone, keyboard, mouse, or touchscreen. As you shoot, Adobe Character Animator mimics your facial expressions, lip syncs with your speech, and gives you complete control over every aspect of your character's movement.

Benefits of Adobe Character Animator:

  • Animated puppets
    You can animate puppets from Photoshop or Illustrator using an audio file. With speech-recognition animations, Adobe Sensei brings your character to life with a simple soundtrack and matches movements and facial expressions.
  • Natural movement of arms and legs
    Ground sensing and the ability to anchor arms and legs on stage provide more precise control. Your characters can jump, dance, bend over, crouch, and many other movements.
  • Simplified timeline navigation
    Search for tracks and track items on the timeline. You can hide and isolate tracks, paint patches in a specific color, and create groups for your convenience.
  • More accurate lip syncing
    With advanced machine learning technology Adobe Sensei, the recognition of spoken words is improved.