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Keyshot Pro Features

To organize your models, environments, and materials, you can create Scene Sets with this Keyshot animation software and take advantage of its powerful features. This software has the following features:

Scene Sets

You can buy KeyShot and use its powerful features to organize models, environments, and materials into Scene Sets. The scene sets in this software make it easy to showcase your product in different configurations. One scene can have multiple camera angles, lighting setups, and environment settings.

So you don't have to start from scratch whenever you want to switch things up. It's perfect for quickly presenting your product's various color options or design variations to clients.


KeyShot viewsets let you effortlessly highlight your product's different perspectives and camera angles. This feature makes it easier to show even the smallest details. Creating consistent renders becomes effortless with camera positions, environment settings, and model configurations stored.

NURBS Rendering

Experience unmatched precision and quality with NURBS rendering. Present intricate details of your product like never before with zero tessellation and maximum accuracy.

This 3D rendering and animation software supports NURBS data for rendering even the most complex designs with smoothness and continuity from every angle. From subtle curves to fine surface details, its NURBS rendering faithfully represents your designs.

Geometry Editor

Transform your imported model using the geometry editor in Keyshot. With its secondary OpenGL feature, you can transform your design into something truly unique.

You can manipulate polygonal vertices, add or delete faces and edges. Changes are immediately reflected on your screen, allowing you full control over every design detail.

HDRI Editor

This tool gives you full control over lighting presets and can create or enhance HDRIs to perfectly fit. You can adjust light pins, blur, highlights, and more with ease. With the HDRI Editor, you can add a subtle atmosphere or completely change the look of your scene.

Sun & Sky

Use the Sun & Sky feature to create lifelike outdoor scenes. This tool allows you to adjust lighting based on date, time, and location. You can easily place the sun in the scene or use a simulated natural sky dome.

Material Graph

With Material Graph, creating advanced materials for your renders is simple. The node-based editor allows you to add layers & textures and animate materials.


Python scripting empowers you to enhance Keyshot renders creatively. Automate tedious tasks, create personalized tools, and add advanced functionality beyond the user interface with the scripting console.

Real-time Region Rendering

Boost rendering efficiency with real-time region rendering. This 3D rendering and animation software lets you instantly render small sections of a scene, so you can see results immediately. This enables you to perfect details without waiting for the entire scene to render.

Render Passes

Get even more control over your post-processing with Keyshot viewer's render passes. These include options like clown, depth, and normal pass. These render passes allow you to isolate specific elements in your scene for editing.

Render Queue

The render queue helps manage scenes efficiently by storing them for later processing. It allows the addition of multiple scenes to a list that gets rendered sequentially at a later time. You can organize scenes with folders and batches.

3D Printing Integration

Keyshot makes 3D printing integration a breeze with its built-in STL export and ZPR output options. You can effortlessly export designs with color and texture information ready for 3D printing. ZPR output allows you to print full-color models with precision.

Who Can Use Keyshot 3D Rendering Software?

If you're a product designer, industrial designer, architect, interior designer, or 3D artist and animator, Keyshot can be an essential tool for your work.

  1. Product Designers: With this software, you can bring your creations to life with stunning realism and precision. Its advanced features let you visualize your designs in different lighting and materials.

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  1. Industrial Designers: This 3D rendering software will help you create visually stunning designs that impress your clients and stakeholders. Using its advanced rendering capabilities, you can easily create realistic images of your products from every angle.
  2. Architects and Interior Designers: Keyshot's advanced features let you create lifelike visualizations of buildings and interiors. Architects and interior designers can experiment with lighting, materials, and textures to communicate their ideas.
  3. Advertising and Marketing Professionals: Visualize your product or service in stunning detail with Keyshot. This animation software allows you to generate high-quality visuals and animations to engage and attract potential customers.
  4. 3D Artists and Animators: If you're a 3D artist or animator, KeyShot is the perfect animation software. Due to its real-time rendering capabilities, you can create visually stunning animations, special effects, and visualizations.

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What Kind of Expertise Do You Need to Use Keyshot?

Wondering what it takes to be a wizard with KeyShot, the groundbreaking 3D rendering and animation software? Here, we're going to break down the expertise you'll need, which ranges from basic computer skills to familiarity with CAD systems and an understanding of manufacturing principles.

Basic Computer Skills:

It's elementary, really, when starting out with KeyShot. You don't need to be a tech guru, but some basic computer skills certainly go a long way. This includes a solid understanding of file management - knowing how to save, retrieve, and organize your work is crucial.

You'll be dealing with different file types, and being proficient in managing these saves you a world of confusion.

Compatibility with Keyboard shortcuts is also crucial. They can speed up your work dramatically. So, get a handle on the basics and you're off to a grand start.

CAD Systems:

Working with KeyShot often goes hand in hand with some experience in CAD (Computer-Aided Design) systems. CAD software like SolidWorks, AutoCAD, or Rhino creates the 3D models you'll import into KeyShot for rendering.

Manufacturing Principles:

Having a grasp of basic manufacturing principles can be a fantastic boon. It's not mandatory, but it adds that extra pinch of realism to your renderings. Familiarity with different materials, understanding how light interacts with them, and how they are used in real-world manufacturing gives you an edge.

Benefits of Using KeyShot to Generate 3D Animation

If you're looking to generate 3D animation, KeyShot is an excellent tool for the job. Its real-time workflow gives instant feedback on your changes, making adjustments quick and easy.

Provides a Real-Time Workflow

KeyShot has a real-time workflow allows you to see your renderings and animations come to life quickly and accurately. You can immediately see changes made to designs and materials without waiting for rendering times.

This feature saves considerable time and effort, especially for complex 3D projects that require frequent adjustments. It enables effective collaboration among team members as they can witness changes occurring in real time.

Scientifically Accurate

Experience accurate material representation and realistic lighting with KeyShot's scientifically accurate presets. Its technology is always based on real-world physics for an authentic look.

You can easily achieve the look you want with pre-made material and environment presets. Elevate your work with its rendering capabilities.

Provide Advanced Editing

It offers advanced editing features that make producing stunning product visuals and animations easy. With just a few clicks, you can adjust texture, opacity, and color and add logos, labels, and decals to any surface.

With animation capabilities, you can move parts, animate cameras and lights, and add motion blur effects to enhance realism.

Simple User Interface

Luxion KeyShot's user interface is powerful yet minimal, allowing you to focus on perfecting every detail. Both beginners and professionals can create stunning visuals with its intuitive, efficient user interface.

Everything from custom materials and textures to lighting and camera settings is easily accessible within its streamlined interface.

Unique Rendering Technology

Its rendering tech creates photorealistic images in real time. Using advanced algorithms, it accurately captures lighting conditions using both CPU and GPU processing power.

You can easily change materials, lighting, and cameras with instant feedback. With KeyShot, iteration is efficient and effective, allowing you to make important decisions swiftly.

Fast Rendering Speed

This software renders photorealistic images incredibly fast, using all available computer or server cores. This creates efficient rendering that saves time on project completion. With this CAD software, you can focus on perfecting designs rather than waiting for them to render.

How much is KeyShot 3D rendering software?

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