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Point Layout construction layout software helps contractors and subcontractors bring model accuracy to the field. Use model coordinate information at the job site to improve office-to-field efficiency and QA/QC, reduce rework, and increase construction site layout productivity.

Note: Point Layout requires a license of an AutoCAD, Revit, or Navisworks product.

Field point layout software
Images and videos show how Point Layout sale construction layout software helps you bring model accuracy to the field. Point Layout software is ideal for anyone who needs to conduct layout on the job site. Create points on almost any object and export point locations to a range of robotic instruments.

Create points
Create points on almost any model element.

Export to robotic instruments
Export from AutoCAD, Revit, or Navisworks software.

Import field conditions
Import staked points back into the original model.

Export to Navisworks
Make adjustments during the coordination process.

Control points
Create, import, and export control points.

Coordinate systems
Add coordinate systems that match the job site.

Compare points
Perform QA/QC, then pass issues to BIM 360 Field.

Slab analysis
Conduct deviation analysis on any surface.