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Control outcomes with advanced coordination, 5D analysis, and simulation tools.


Clash detection and interference checking

Anticipate and avoid potential clash and interference problems before construction, minimizing expensive delays and rework.

Perform clash detection tests against specified geometry to find and resolve conflicts.
Check as-built laser-scan data against 3D designs.
Open current clash in many original design software applications.
View clashes in context with geometry in the model and in relation to other clashes.
Make all nonclashing items transparent to more easily locate clashes in the model.
Move between clash results to maintain orientation in the model.
Create Hard, Clearance, and Duplicate clash tests to support multiple coordination scenarios.
Analyze space and time by linking clash tests to 5D simulations and object animations.

Clash and interference management

Manage and track clashes and interferences through to resolution.

Track the status of clashes as you find and resolve them.
Group clash results to address multiple results as a single issue.
Group and filter clashes using grid and level location.
Export reports with results of clash tests, including comments and screenshots, to communicate issues to the project team.
Share clash scenarios with other Navisworks Manage users with XML import/export for reuse on similar projects.

Dedicated Clash Detective tool

Clash Detective tool supports identification, management, and resolution of clashes.

Clash object colors
Composite-level clashing
Management of saved viewpoints
Comments column
Filter by selection new modes: Inclusive, Exclusive, None
Reporting of filtered results
User-controlled isolation settings

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Review and communicate project details through 5D analysis and simulation.

Model review

Interoperability enhancements NEW

Updates and improvements to model file and data aggregation include:

Better control over Revit faceting factor.
Updates to file format version support, including IFC.
Updates to support Primavera 8.3.

Model file and data aggregation

Model publishing and data and model aggregation tools enable you to combine design and construction data into a single integrated model.

Incorporate files in many major 2D and 3D design or laser scan file formats.
Integrate all project models, even the largest data sets.
Read intelligent data from original design files and view it beside the model.
Import live data from external databases and display it within the model.

Whole-project review

The review toolkit offers tools that facilitate review of all aspects of your project.

Measure distances, areas, and angles.
Store, organize, and share camera views of a design and export them into images or reports.
Add cross sections and section plans to inspect details closely.
Use NWF reference files to view the latest version of a CAD design while maintaining previous review data.
Open current model and viewpoint in many original design software packages.
Automate tasks or extend functionality using extensive APIs (application programming interface).

Autodesk Navisworks Manage project review software supports intelligent model-based designs with scheduling, cost, visualization, and collaboration tools, as well as advanced coordination and clash detection capabilities.

Navisworks features enable coordination, construction simulation, and whole-project analysis for integrated project review. Navisworks products include advanced tools to simulate and optimize scheduling, identify and coordinate clashes and interferences, collaborate, and gain insight into potential problems.